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Today's Internet users want more than just Web copy. Shorter attention spans demand a mix of text and interactive content that is both entertaining and informative. Offering a rich entertainment experience on your website increases engagement and loyalty, while instilling a viral component to your content. Having great content and great apps is just one component. In order to achieve mass adoption, you must build applications that increase distribution and findability on the Internet. This requires building applications strategically.

Strategic Application Goals

  • Increase engagement with interactive content
  • Extend your reach to new audiences
  • Capture market share with increased distribution
  • Make your content easier to find online

Strong Foundations

Zentricor was founded on a core competency of application development and infrastructure design. We build reliable applications that are both effective and scalable as your traffic expands. Our experience allows us to develop code to the highest standards while simultaneously finding our clients opportunities to save on costs without sacrificing value. Get started by requesting a free quote.

Core Technology Services

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