Auto Syndicate Your Content to 30+ Social Networks

RSS + + = Posts on 30+ social networking sites

With Twitterfeed and you get a very powerful tool for automatically updating your social networking profiles with content from your RSS feeds. Get fresh content distributed out to over 30 different social networks automatically every time you write a new blog post. If you have a blog or podcast (or both) that utilizes an RSS feed you should be aware of this method of effortlessly getting your content blasted out to a much larger social networking audience. With additional exposure you’ll have more opportunities to gain followers and subscribers to your content.

Distribution List

  • Facebook Pages
  • AIM Status
  • GTalk Status
  • Plurk
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Brightkite
  • Jaiku
  • Blogger
  • Plaxo Pulse
  • LiveJournal
  • Bebo
  • hi5
  • Mashable
  • kwippy
  • Custom URL
  • Friendster
  • Yahoo 360
  • Koornk
  • Diigo
  • YouAre
  • Multiply
  • Yammer
  • Utterli
  • imeem
  • seesmic
  • Vox
  • TypePad
  • ShoutEm
  • StreetMavens
  • Radar
  • myYearbook
  • Photobucket
  • Posterous
  • Yahoo Profiles
  • Tagged

How Do I Set Up TwitterFeed and

Overview of getting set up:

  1. Locate your RSS feed URL for your Blog, Podcast or other online content
  2. Set up an account with
  3. Register your feed(s) with
  4. Create an account with
  5. Register all your social networking sites on
  6. Set up auto posting on for all your social networking sites
  7. Link your account to your account so that new posts from your RSS feed will go to your account and auto post to your social networks

After you have made a few new episodes or Blog posts, check your social networking sites to see if your auto posting was successful.

It’s still a good idea to continue posting custom updates and personal messages to your social networking sites to make your profile more personal. These tools offer a great way to automate the process of updating profiles with your RSS content automatically, saving you valuable time.

Getting your social networks set up the first time can be a tedious task but after the initial setup you’ll have a very powerful distribution network delivering your content to potentially millions of people every time you create new content.

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